Political freedom is a central concept in history and political thought and one of the most important features of democratic societies.

What Time Is It

Although you think you know the time
But then you realize you’ve lost your rhyme

Time has passed and you haven’t done a thing
The last class bell is about to ring

So hurry now and don’t dottle doodle
Just think of yourself as a stiff old noodle

Leave what you will for others to see
Then you can go away and be happy

Get Over It

The political landscape has many pitfalls. However, that doesn't deter politicos from attempting to control every aspect of our lives. They would rather see us, as citizens, behave like cattle, unquestioningly following their lead.

Trouble is we are a free thinking group, not ready to give up our freedoms to some moronic politico who thinks he or she has all the answers to America's so-called problems.

Get over it. You lost the election so quit trying to destroy America!

16 Years And Counting

It has been 16 years since the attack on the World Trade Centers, the Pentagon and the failed attempt on the White House. What has America learned in the interim? It doesn't seem like it has learned much - as America is still sticking its nose into other people business!

We are still mired in Afghanistan and Iraq is still problematic. WHY, one asks? The attachs on America in 2001 did not care who got killed, civilians, military, whatever. But, the government sits on its hands when it comes to winning a war. Unlike World War II where there was an all out effort to defeat the enemy - civilians and military alike - today the government is concerned with the loss of civilian life in a country America is at war with. The middle east muslim countries hate America and America worries about their citizens!

If you are going to engage in war, then engage in war and go all out to defeat your enemy. Don't pussy foot around worrying about the loss of civilian life, the enemy didn't!

One company located in the World Trade Center lost over 600 employees - where these combatants? NO, they were ordinary citizens working to make a living! Pay attention to the word "ordinary" as it means these individuals were regular people, the kind "liberal" America worries about in other countries.

It is time to quit worrying about the citizens of enemy countries and pay attention to the citizens of America and her friends. The government's main purpose in these difficult times is to keep America strong and totally defeat America's enemies!

Hopefully, the Trump administration is doing just that..

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